Strength Coach, Founder

Alberto Padilla is a passionate nationally-certified Personal Trainer and Self-defense Instructor based in Portland, Oregon. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, his passion for fitness has been prominent all throughout his childhood and beyond. During his high school years, Alberto was an avid athlete in wrestling and combat sports. By the time he was a senior, he realized that he desired nothing more than to make a positive impact in people’s lives through fitness.


Alberto has served as a strength coach since 2009 and has attained many credentials as a PICP Level 2, TRX, and Self Defense (JKD).


Both driven and equally as dedicated, Alberto is on a mission to help people attain optimum health by providing results-driven methods that will put them on the fast lane towards success.


When he isn’t training his clients, Alberto Padilla loves being in the great outdoors and spending quality time with his loved ones.


Strength Coach: CO-FOUNDER

Amelia is a true health enthusiast, from growing her own food to studying biology and chemistry; she is passionate about the full spectrum of health from our earth to our minds and bodies. At a young age, Amelia was active in acrobatics and sports, but an early knee injury knocked her off her tracks. It was several years into adulthood and after years of struggling with weight loss that Amelia found strength training. Cardio-style training and reduced calorie diets and only resulted in a lower metabolism and reduced muscle mass. Once she realized how fun it is to feel strong and that she would never turn in to “she-hulk” that she was hooked! Strength training is such an amazing tool that anyone can use to transform their body. After having her son, Amelia really took off by implementing a consistent routine and worked up to her first bodybuilding shows where she placed 1st and 3rd in her class for novice and open, respectively. 


A mom of a toddler and full time working mom, Amelia knows what it’s like to be busy and have to work hard at keeping up with your fitness and sanity. She has been through several health challenges from discovering food intolerances and digestive infections to adrenal fatigue and reactivated Epstein-Barr virus. No matter what challenge you face, you do not have to sacrifice your health or well-being.


Although Amelia does not have any bodybuilding competitions planned, it is her favorite form of training in addition to bodyweight and calisthenics styles, but she also loves powerlifting! Amelia’s current focus is growth and learning; becoming even more educated about nutrition and supplementation to prevent the havoc stressors, including exercise, wreak on our bodies. Her goal is to find a reasonable way to assess your body’s stress status and implement supplementation accordingly. 


Workout anywhere, anytime

Your journey begins with a series of questions or phone consultation to understand your needs and goals, then we strategies a game plan to reach them.  Workouts consist of 2-4 routines and are broken into 3-4 training blocks to allow the body to learn the skills and progress towards becoming stronger. This is for those who are committed to their goal, eager to learn and put in the work.



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